Learn English at Summer Camp

From Monday to Friday: 9.00 am – 4.00 pm
Pre-aftercare optional: 8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Every part of the programme is customised to suit the ages of the children. Many of the activities can also be explained and understood non-verbally by the use of gestures. Dutch is used for additional support where necessary, especially with the younger children. Within each age group there is enough material available to cater for different levels of English. On Friday afternoon, the week will be closed in a festive manner with the now famous, “Summer Camp High Tea”. Whilst enjoying a cup of tea and cupcakes, that the children have decorated themselves, their art work can be viewed. Afterwards the children will take part in a performance in their best English! The Summer Camp concludes with the graduation ceremony, where all children receive their Summer Camp certificate.

Each day consists of the same activities.

  • Opening of the day
  • English class
  • Sport & Dance
  • A healthy lunch
  • Art class
  • Songs & Conversation
  • Ending of the day
  • Pre-aftercare optional

Sport & dance

It is very important that children get enough exercise. During Sport & Dance the focus is on using English to name movements and the use of body parts.

English class

During English class, vocabulary is the main focus. For older children there will also be attention given to grammar.

Songs & conversation

Singing enables children to unconsciously express themselves in English. The sounds and pronunciation of English are explored. Conversation activities allow children to express their thoughts in English.

Art class

During art class, we encounter shapes, colours, objects and materials such as scissors, glue or paint. We set up organised art projects as well as activities  where the children can express themselves freely.

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