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Teen Camp provides an English language summer school programme in The Netherlands.
It is no longer necessary to go to England to get a high level quality English language summer school programme.
Qualified teachers are taking care of all the intensive lessons. Fun and educational activities in the afternoon are also given in English.

The beautiful Assumburg Castle is the perfect location with the right atmosfer to embrace the quality of this unique programme.
Teenagers stay for one or two weeks at Assumburg Castle, probably the best Stayokay location in The Netherlands.


Each day Teen Camp schedules two lesson sessions of 2 hours.

All essential skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking are trained in this programme.

Because the teenagers are divided into small groups, there will be more than enough attention for everyone to improve their own skills.

The afternoon programme consists of sports, art, fun on the beach, songs and backing!

The evenings are for downtime: interactive games, a play, a movie and of course the party-evening!

The best way to boost your English!


Assumburg Castle is the beautiful location for our Teen Camp. The castle is located in Heemskerk, a small town between Amsterdam, and the north sea coast.

The castle and its gardens have the grandeur that gives you the feel of the 19th century. Fortunately the castle is a Stayokay location nowadays and has WIFI and all the comfort of the 21st century. The Teen Camp students share their rooms with other students. All rooms have their own sanitary facilities. The restaurant takes care of all meals during the week. For those who opt for a 2 week programme a tour to the city of Amsterdam and an extra day at the beach is scheduled.

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About Teen Camp

In 2010 I founded my company: Engels voor Bengels. Soon I started ProEnglish too. Following years as a primary school- and a remedial teacher, I decided to follow my heart; teaching English to primary school children and teenagers. In addition to private lessons, group lessons and expat training, the first Summer Camp was born. During subsequent years, the number of lessons, teachers and Summer Camp locations increased. In 2016 we organised our first Teen Camp.

Teenagers from eleven different nationalities joined Teen Camp last season.

Teen Camp has become an official English language summer school programme in 2017.

Based on English summer school programmes.

New in 2018: A special winter edition during half term, “Krokusvakantie”.

I am excited to present this possibility in the Netherlands.

I hope to meet  you at Assumbrug Castle this winter or summer.

On behalf of the Teen Camp staff,

Miss Marie



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