If you are between the ages of 11 and 17 and you want to practice or improve your English skills,

then Teen Camp summer & winter school is the perfect opportunity for you.

This intensive programme combines traditional class and interactive sessions in the morning with a fun and active based programme during the afternoon and evening.

The small classes ensure that all students have the chance to improve their communication skills in English.

Most of our staff members are native-speaking and they are qualified teachers. Specially for the younger participants from the Netherlands there are near-native speaking teachers as well. All our teachers are qualified teachers

Teen Camp summer school is fully residential at Assumburg Castle, the beautiful Stayokay location in Heemskerk.

Teen Camp can be attended for one or two weeks.

The programme features about 20 hours of English classes per week.

On top of the morning programme we offer 20 hours of activities in the afternoon which are in English as well.

In addition to the lessons and activities, English is the main language spoken at Teen Camp at all times.

This intensive programme will absolutely improve your English skills.