How can you continue to learn a new language at home after the summer camp?

You have been at summer camp and have had a fantastic time learning a lot. Of course, your language development doesn't stop afterwards and you want to continue to develop. At home, too, you have countless opportunities to continue practising your new language. You can consult the Internet, stay in contact with your study mates or take a supplementary course, for example.

What kinds of study materials are there to help you learn a language

In this day and age, using the Internet is an obvious option to further develop your language skills. There are many websites where you can keep your grammar knowledge up-to-date and test it. You can search for exercises that will help you learn rules that you don't understand very well yet.

If you have purchased course material such as study and workbooks, you will often also receive a link or a login code with which you can deepen your knowledge online. Additional exercises and lesson material can usually be found here as well. It is also possible to track your progress online.

In addition, you will probably also be familiar with the apps that allow you to spend a few minutes or even hours a day brushing up on your new language. These apps also give you the opportunity to work on your pronunciation. Very handy!

In what way could films/books/podcast or other media help you?

To make it even easier on yourself, reading a book or watching a series in another language can also have a great impact on your language development. You expand your vocabulary and get a better feel for sentence structure. You also notice how the spoken language sounds and what the common expressions are, because this is different from the written language which is often more formal.

Listening to podcasts is also a useful method of improving your language skills. You can do this at any time of the day while doing another activity such as cooking or exercising. You will experience realistic language use and you can also learn more about the culture and background of a language if you are interested. Following a dialogue teaches you to react more quickly, take in information and listen more attentively.

How do you stay in touch with your study buddies after the summer camp?

If you have been to a summer camp, you will probably have kept many contacts and friends from this fun time! These are the people with whom you can work to further develop your language skills. Check each other's assignments and plan meetings or online meetings to test each other's knowledge.

When you get together with others, you can agree that at that time you can only speak English or the other language you are learning. This way you can motivate and challenge each other! To make it even more fun, you can also add a game element. For example, you can agree that the first person to accidentally speak Dutch has to buy a treat for the other person.

How can you set goals after your language camp so that you can continue to learn the language?

Setting goals is important for the further development of a language. For example, make a plan with your classmates in which you set long-term goals. These can be small or large goals that you want to achieve in a year. By carrying out interim tests, you will know whether you have made enough progress and where you stand in your development. You can also choose to follow an extra course when you return home or to engage a coach to motivate you to achieve your further goals.