Information about Corona

The circumstances surrounding Corona continue to create uncertainties. The measures are adjusted again and again. Teen Camp moves along with these regulations.


In the past year, we have shown that by organizing Teen Camp, we can anticipate the changing measures very well.


In a safe and secure way, the Teen Camp weeks have taken place. And that's how we're looking at Teen Camp 2021.


We are, of course, hoping for as many relaxations as possible, but there will in all likelihood still be measures in place for next summer.


Within the applicable regulations we will provide an active, fun and educational but above all safe Teen Camp.


It's almost unthinkable, but just in case Teen Camp can't happen, we have the:

"100% money back guarantee "*


*In case Teen Camp is cancelled by us or cannot take place due to governmental prohibition, you will receive 100% of your registration fee back.


Please note that we do not regard private circumstances and private health situations (including Corona) as our direct responsibility. In these circumstances the general terms and conditions apply, specifically point C.


Of course, in these situations we will gladly look for a possible solution with you, if possible. In the unlikely event that this proves impossible, point C of the general terms and conditions will continue to apply.

WANTED: Fun teachers for Teen Camp 2021