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Typically English: this is what you recognize the British by!

English people are known for their traditions and customs. They like to talk about the weather and are nowhere as polite as in England. The English also love to hoist themselves up in shorts as soon as the sun shows itself. Curious as to what else you can recognize the average Briton by? Here are the top 10 typical English customs!

Tea time!

An obvious one, but definitely a habit that belongs in this list: the English and their cup of tea, because tea belongs to England like cheese belongs to the Netherlands. Did you know that the inhabitants of Great Britain together drink 165 million cups of tea per day? Of course milk goes with it. No less than 98% of the English drink tea with milk. And, of course, there are also cookies to dip into their favorite drink.

English breakfast

Fried eggs, bacon, white beans in tomato sauce and sausages, or the fry-up. In addition, you'll often find baked potatoes, toast and mushrooms in a full English breakfast. This characteristic English breakfast is not to be missed when visiting the United Kingdom.

Fish & chips

The famous fish & chips should of course also be mentioned: thick, limp French fries with white fish, which the English serve with some vinegar and salt. An absolute must if you're in England and want to immerse yourself in the English way of eating! And to top it all off, prefer to order this classic on the coast and have it served in a newspaper.

Driving on the left

One of the things that absolutely typifies the British is the fact that they drive on the left side of the road. It takes some getting used to if you've never done this before, but after two car rides you won't know any better.


In England and especially in London, the streetscape is typified by the red double-decker buses. Take a seat in a beautiful, high bus and admire Big Ben, St. Paul's Cathedral and Tower Bridge from a nice spot on the second floor! You'll also find red telephone boxes and red mailboxes everywhere. By the way, did you know that the mailboxes used to be green? However, because of this they did not stand out enough in the landscape, so the British chose to make them red.


The English accent can be well described as chic and charming. There is no nation in the world that is as polite as the British. The word "sorry" will therefore be heard regularly when talking to them. Furthermore, they do not like to be pushed around and wait for their turn when they are in line. The Englishman loves good manners and is very proud of this.

Just kidding!

Sarcasm and self-mockery are typical of British humor. The motto of the Englishman: don't take yourself too seriously and use embarrassing moments or your awkwardness and turn it into a funny joke. By the way, who does not know the famous comedy series, which are steeped in this typical English humor?

Playing a quiz in the pub

And then the English pub: the Brit doesn't just go there to drink a beer, but also lunch in a pub is very common in Britain. And after lunch, of course, it's time for a quiz. That way you can learn something new while you're out and about!


Cricket is in the top three most popular sports in the world. This eleven-player sport is somewhat similar to baseball and is inextricably linked to the English. The average Briton is a huge sports fan and will always cheer on the underdog. Furthermore, rugby, tennis and soccer are also very popular with the British.

Christmas in England

Has the clock changed to winter time? Then the Christmas advertisements in Great Britain are flying around your ears. The British people love Christmas and make a big spectacle of it every year. Everywhere you see cozy lights. Every year the British send a Christmas card to everyone they love. The tradition of the Christmas card originated in the United Kingdom. The Christmas cracker also plays a big role. This is a tube with foil around it, which the two of you open by pulling on it. Do you get your hands on the largest piece of the cracker? Then it may have your present or read the spell inside.