Cambridge Summer School

Instead of a Cambridge Summer School in England, Teen Camp offers a similar English Language Summer School Programme in the Netherlands. The teenagers stay at the beautiful Assumburg Castle in Heemskerk.
Before the participants come to Teen Camp, they are offered an online test. Based on the results of this test, age and school level, the groups are put together. The size of the groups varies around 10-12 participants.
In this way our qualified teachers can give sufficient attention to each individual. The lessons are focused on the practical use of the English language. Listening, speaking, reading and writing, all four parts of the language are offered. Even during the afternoon and evening activities everything happens in English. What is learned in the morning can be applied directly in the afternoon. In addition to the lessons and activities, there is plenty of chill time! Time to chat with your new friends or to do fun things around the castle. There is also daily WIFI time! In the previous edition, about 15-20% of the participants came from abroad. Because of their presence, communication in English is the only option! There is a graduation ceremony at the end of the week. Certificates are handed over during this ceremony. Parents are of course warmly invited.
The Teen Camp is closed in-style with a cozy high-tea. To approach the ambiance of the old universities in Oxford or Cambridge, we chose the beautiful Assumburg Castle, in Heemskerk. This fantastic castle is normally a Stayokay location. It has its own restaurant where all meals are offered. All rooms can accommodate 4 to 6 participants. Each room has its own bathroom. But in addition to the good facilities Assumburg Castle especially has the perfect ambiance. And that has an effect! During the previous Summer School weeks the Harry Potter feeling was regularly mentioned by both parents and participants. Teen Camp’s English Language Summer School Program is a full-fledged alternative to a Cambridge Summer School in England.

Aanmelden voor Summer Camp 2018